Andy Brownlie

.NET / Angular / Node developer, Enterprise Architect
Hey folks. I build software for clients and for myself. I love my family, my music and my IPAs.

I'm curious as to what everyone's thoughts are on the most appropriate JS tech stacks to use to be appealing to clients.

For me, as I come from a DotNet background, and the (admittedly somewhat unusual alliance between MS & Google) meant that I started with JS UI frameworks using Angular, and then I've worked my way down the stack to using NodeJs with Firebase Cloud functions.

Between the maturity of NodeJs & the ease of use of Firebase, I'm very keen to get more project work that is less reliant on DotNet and more in this area. However, I want to balance that with using tools that will attract contract work also.  

Personally, for the UI side of things I think that React seems to be the most popular, but what type of clients does it attract?  Corporate, small business or something in between?

I'm wondering what others thoughts are on both the UI frameworks but also the rest of your tech stacks
React is definitely up there for most clients (I'm biased), but Angular still gets some love. Vue is increasingly popular, but still has a way to go.

They rank 16, 44 and 63 on respectively based on number of jobs listed.
Re: remainder of my tech stack, really depends on the client. It often involves Lerna, Firebase, Node.js, Next.js, Heroku, but often doesn't.
thanks Chris. Pleasantly surprised by the Angular representation there. I haven't used Lerna, but I'm assuming you recommend it?  

I was considering looking into RedwoodJs for non-Firebase projects.  I think its like a Js Rails. Anyone else used it?
Chris Villa replied
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Here's something I wrote a couple of months ago, before the IR35 private sector postponement. I think it still holds true though.
Really insightful thoughts into the effects of Brexit. I think you're right - the IR35 reforms will likely see a push towards product, not just service. I know it's something I'm actively exploring with some other contractors.