Paul Love

FE Solutions Architect
Good article, Chris! Has anyone had success using a government-run shared equity scheme through a contractor-specific broker?
I meant to say, I have called their membership team before and found them helpful and responsive, but only for relatively mundane stuff like invoicing problems and address changes.
I do pay subs, but I've never had cause to use their service. Have you tried phoning their membership team? Might be a good way to find out if they're giving you the runaround or not: 0208 897 9970.
I know that contractors aren't covered by the UK furlough schemes if operating via a limited company and paying dividends
Clarification: contractors are covered, but only for salary and not dividends: this is likely to work out at ~£900 to £1000 per month furloughed (and of course you need to actually furlough yourself and not undertake any work for your company during the furlough period). More good info here: